Business Crypto Assets

Unlock your capital…

Whether you are a crypto miner, family office, hedge fund, or other business, you have crypto assets in your portfolio that need to be put to work. There are alternatives to selling your crypto assets to free-up funds to pay your mining expenses or buy new equipment. If as a fund you may want to look at ways to diversify your holdings and lock in gains. We have some ideas we'd like to share with you.

HNWI Crypto Assets

Live Your Dream…

You have built up a significant portfolio of crypto assets such as BTC, ETH, BCH, and EOS. The time has come for you to buy a house or some land, a car, boat or even a jet. You may want to start an art collection. Up until now your typical option has been to exchange your crypto for fiat. Making this exchange for cash exposes your holdings to public scrutiny and it can be hard to bank your proceeds. To make your life easier we now offer a way for to use Bitcoin and other alt-coins to make these large purchases. Contact us and we'll show you how.

Monetize Your Asset

Did you know there are buyers for your property, classic cars and other collectibles with crypto to spend? Have you thought about accepting BTC, ETH, BCH or EOS for your assets but not sure how to go about it? You may already be familiar with crypto or you may just be starting to build your crypto asset portfolio. We're happy to answer your questions and show you how to sell your assets for Bitcoin.

Scrypto Escrow

With more than two decades of digital escrow experience and oversight of over $3 billion in transactions, we have the experience to manage crypto for real asset escrow transactions. Whether you are buying or selling real assets. If you have BTC, ETH, BCH or EOS to spend or you want to accept crypto for your property, contact us and we'll show you how to get started.

Scrypto Finance & Trust

Our mission is to connect holders of crypto assets to established financial services. We provide a range of transactional and custodial escrow services. We collateralize crypto assets to provide access to loans, mortgages, funds and other financial assets. Find out more about our other services at

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